Royal College art fair

Recounting The 2015 Royal College of Art Fair

The Royal College of Art (RCA) is a renowned public research university located in London, in the United Kingdom. It is the only postgraduate art and design university in the world that is entirely dedicated to arts. The RCA Fairs has been conducted yearly for over 25 years. The RCA fair became prominent owing to its vast collection from the Modern and the Post-war period. It plays a significant role in the market as it helps in promoting the knowledge of dealers. Some of these dealers usually work privately, some supply art for the brilliant intelligent collectors. while some are the first-time buyers in huge numbers. The RCA official websites keep posting the latest news and upcoming events.

1. The Advent Of The 2015 RCA Art Fair

The 2015 Royal College of Air turned out to be a huge success. The boutique fair showcased the various types of modern and contemporary from different parts of the world. This grandeur event of art was held across the College’s two campuses in the Battersea and Kensington. A huge number of galleries get exhibited at the fair every year. This RCA fair of 2015 was a stupendous success owing to the varied contemporary arts that got displayed.

2. Highlights Of The 2015 Fair Event

The Royal College of Art is prominently dubbed ‘The Spiritual Home of British Art’ becomes the perfect ideal set for the fair to happen. The 2015 event of Royal College of Art Fair happened at the Kensington Gore London SW7 2EU from 9th September to 13th September. Featuring nearly 55 galleries and the dealers selling the painting and printing works, sculpture form the different period. There were artworks ranging from the Modern (1900-1945) period, Post-War (1945-1970) and the contemporary (1970 onwards). Many dealers were present from different parts of the world, most of whom were from the UL. Around 60 dealers were from the UK, while the other specialized dealers from France, Russia, etc. Many people who visited the fair congratulated the organizers and expressed that the intimate friendly atmosphere was very appealing. There were artworks of different origin that would please the newcomers, the young as well as the dedicated collectors.

3. Masterpiece Display Of Art Works

  • The works included oils, watercolors, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, original prints, and photography. There was more work for the sale and the commission. The works presented at the 2015 Art Fair ranged from the antique ones in the 1900’s till the present date.
  • Some of the masterpiece artworks done by Kenneth Armitage, Rolf Brandt, J.D.H Catleugh, Peter Lanyon, Joe Tilson, William Turnbell, William Green, Paul Feiler, John Dunbar, Albert Herbert, Chris Kenny along with few legend’s artworks were displayed at the event. You can check out the few images of 2015 Art Fair.
  • The portrait of Sir Winston Churchill by Walter Sickert was one of the most celebrated international attention that was displayed for the very first time in 2015. This was priced at £ 50,000 was out for sale from The Court Gallery from West Quantoxhead, Somerset.
  • The fair aimed at reflecting the consistent growth in the market for the 20th-century British artist. There was a rapid rise in the demands for the sculptor of late William Turnbull whose auction record exceeds £700,000
Sir Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill | by Walter Sickert

The auction results do not remain the only measures of success and interest for the RCA fair events. Many galleries present in the fair display works by artists who are recently or going to be celebrated with the exhibitions in the public galleries. The 2015 Art fair event saw the blossoming of Scottish art. It was very well represented especially through the two specialized dealers namely Duncan Miller and Ewan Mundy. Both these people chose to highlight Samuel Joh Peploe’s more affording paintings of Iona.

The RCA provided a splendid opportunity every year for people to experience the emerging marvellous contemporary art and design practices. These exhibitions were held free and nearly 600 art and design postgraduate students exhibited the contemporary works and art designs which were of exceptional quality and imagination. You can know about the top 5 designers of the RCA’ 2015 art fair graduate show. The RCA fair of 2015 stood tall in terms of artworks presented and the enormous number of people who attended the event.