British Art fair

Details Of The 2018 British Art fair

The year 2018 of British Art fair was more of the re-launch of the very popular 20/21 British Art Fair. The previous editions were held at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, while this edition was transferred to Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. The event took place at the Saatchi Gallery from 20th September to 23rd September 2018. It was the 30th edition of British Art fair and the first one to happen at the bold new location of Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London. The fair returned for its 30th anniversary to its permanent home at the Saatchi Gallery. It was more of a tribute to the modern British period. You can know more about the Prestigious 2015 Royal College of Art Fair.

1. Stupendous Art Works Display At Saatchi Gallery

One of the highlights of the 2018 British Art Far was the flower gallery. The Saatchi gallery was gloriously lit, with minimalist rooms, it favored the large-scale paintings, sculptured and the artworks that were collected by Charles Saatchi. The three floors allowed for a grandeur view of the Modern British art that ranges the works done by the most celebrated artists to the lesser known people. In addition to the paintings, there were also prints, sculptures, drawings which were completely vetted and were of high quality.

flower gallery
One of the highlights of the 2018 British Art Far was the flower gallery.

It featured nearly 50 exhibitors that included the leading galleries specializing in the field such as Flowers, Offer Waterman, Piano Nobile, Osborne Samuel, Robin Katz, Jonathan Clark, and Richard Green. The larger space at the Saatchi Gallery enabled the exhibitors to think more deeply. The prominent artists to feature included Renny Tait, Tim Lewis, Tai-Shan Schierenberg, Jane Edden, Ken Currie, Julie Cockburn, Tom Kammick, Nichola Hicks, Ishbel Muerscough, Nadav Kander, Nancy Fouts. There were virtual tours of the 2018 fair event available on the internet for the common people to witness the marvellous work online.

2. Piano Nobile Gallery

The Piano Nobile gallery showed the most expensive abstract paintings that were made in the Sixties and Seventies by John Golding. The Piano Nobile was very delighted in exhibiting at the British Art Fair 2018. They present a selection of the Post-War and THE Modern British art that included the works by David Bomberg, Peter Coker, William Crozier, Paul Nash, William Scott, and Euan Uglow.

3. Highlights Of The 2018 Art Fair Event

The most valuable work of art displayed at the exhibition was an outdoor sculpture by Barbara Hepworth that was displayed on the Belgrave St Ives stand with a price tag of £3 million. Another exhibition style of the display was that of a retrospective work by Bridget Riley, for which many exhibitors combined forces in contributing the paintings and the prints ranging from £5000 to £500,000. There was a display of splendid artworks exhibited in the British Art Fair 2018 at the Saatchi Gallery.

The interest in modern British art has been increasing in leaps very strong especially over the last few years with the highlights being the sales of the private collections of David Bowie and Leslie Waddington.  There were also record-breaking auction prices for an artist like Francis Bacon. The followers of these works, along with the collectors and buyers helped in making the art fair event of 2018 a huge success. Majorly, to reflect on the increase in interest int eh Modern British fair, the organizers of the 2018 British Art fir concentrated on very special projects of the single as well the dual artist hereby completed the gallery standards.

outdoor sculpture
Two Forms In Echelon (1961) by Barbara Hepworth

4. Success Of The Re-Launch Of The British Art Fair

The British Art Fair Founders Gay Husston and Angela Bunny were very delighted in handing over the responsibility to Sandelson after a period of 30 years. Until 2000, the event was known famously as the 20th Century British Art Fair. The British Art Fair of 2018 tuned out to be a stupendous success since a huge number of people and dealers visited the fair. The change in location to the Saatchi Gallery turned out to be an excellent move by the committee. The new owners, Robert and Johnny Sandelson, whose parents showed up at the very first event that happened in 1988, took a wonderful step of moving the 2018 event to the prestigious Saatchi Gallery located at the heart of Chelsea. The Saatchi Gallery is one of the world’s most visited museum invited throngs of people to the event. Modern British art has always been a very deep and strong time-tested market where the blue-chip names were appreciated constantly.