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A Complete Guide To 2018’s London Art fairs

London has always been the home of the art fair. One can always find a plethora of the art fair events happening all along year at London. Some of them are gallery fairs where all the stands belong to the various prominent established galleries representing their own artists. The other type is the artist fairs where one can find the artist themselves presenting their world. Here one would get the opportunity to talk to the artist and negotiate the price directly. The third type of London fairs are the genre fairs which are primarily aimed at the specialised market. You might read more about the 2018 British Art Fair. People should be aware of the various art fairs happening in London, their objectives and specialties so that they could witness artworks according to their desires. Here are the most popular London Art Fairs of 2018. You can also get an overview of the 2018 London Art Fair.

1. London Art Fair

The London Art fair usually happens every January and conducted at the Business Design Centre. People can book their tickets in advance for a price of £11. You can find artworks of notable artists such as Damien Hirst and Picasso. Quality and the cost of works is very high and best suited for serious buyer.

2. Talented Art Fair

This is the best place for you people who have just started their journey as a collector of works since you can find works sold as little as £50. This serves as the platform for the new artist to sell their arts directly to the public in a very relaxed manner.

talented art fair
Talented Art Fair

3. Affordable Art Fair

This fair takes place at the Battersea Park and Hampstead Head, usually bi-annually in March and October at the Park. Most of the artists represented are usually very well established. One could find artwork of high quality and variety. The admission price varies between £10- £12. The art works presented us usually towards the upper limit ranging from £50 to £4000.

4. Frieze And Frieze Masters

This generally is more of an art event than an art fair. You can find the most prominent well-established galleries from the various parts of the world. They happen every year in the month of October at Regent’s Part. The admission price usually ranges from £27-35. This serves as a gauge of what’s happening on the contemporary art with hundreds of galleries.

Frieze art fair
Frieze Art Fair

5. London Original Print Fair

This was a gorgeous boutique art fair that displayed five centuries worth of prints. This generally happens in the first week of May. It was a friendly setting with experts offering talks on the works displayed. The arts were shown in the familiar setting of the main galleries present in the Royal Academy.

6. Art And Antiques Fair Olympia

This art fair was suited to people who loved to add some antique artworks and prints to their home. This fair focussed majorly in the craftsmanship, the detailing in the works, the design and interior design of great quality. Jewelry and other collector items also get displayed here. The price range in the art fair event ranges from £100 to £1 million and happens in June of every year.