Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia

Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia: Expectations, Dates, And Venue

The most acclaimed and celebrated Winter Art & Antique Fair Olympia happens annually in the month of October or November on the National Hall of Olympia London. The winter fair gets conducted before Christmas and attracted huge crowds, thousands of connoisseurs, interiors designers a collector. There are always nearly 20,000 objects of high quality and overall the winter experience along with luxurious atmosphere made the Winter and Antiques Fair fulfill the high expectation from people. You might also want to read about the Frieze Art Fair 2018 to know how the Winter Art Olympia differs from it.

The Expectations Of The Winter Art Olympia

  • There is always a huge expectation from the people regarding the number of top dealers at the fair. A whopping number of nearly 70 of UK’s top dealers are present at the fair selling things ranging from diamonds, clocks and ceramics.
  • People who love stylish interiors, art, antiques, furniture must visit this fair whenever conducted. A treasure trove of the famous arts, antiques, sculptures and collector pieces gets displayed during the event. The Winter Art Fair team organizes the highlight tours that provides the audience a great knowledgeful experience on the various objects kept on sale.
  • You can expect a great variety of antique arts being displayed every year in London during the Winter Antique Fair. The biggest advantage of the event has always been the fact that the people can buy antique crafts with great enthusiasm and assurance that they would last for a very long time. This was made possible by the expert team who ensure the authenticity of the products that gets displayed during the event.

Antique Art Fair

The event showcases an array of irresistible beautiful and unique products that were built with originality and provenance. These designs range from the ancient British to the rarest works from around the world. There were a lot of antiquities present form the contemporary designing including objects like paintings, jewelry, ceramic’s, glass, textiles. A lot of materials get presented in the fair including furniture, textiles, carpets, glass, mirrors, silver and the art covering the works from the older master till the contemporary.

Antique Art Fair
The event showcases an array of irresistible beautiful and unique products

Some of the prominent dealers at the event includes Wakelin & Linfiled, Morgan Strickland, Mary Cooke Antiques, Richard Price & Associates, Philip Catrol and Atelier Lid. The biggest advantage of the objects kept at the Winter fair is that they are all checked by a trade experts’ team to ensure the authenticity. The fair turns out to be the best place for people looking for objects built with great craftsmanship. You can get more idea on the list of exhibitors, tickets and other information on the official site of Winter and Antiques Art Fair.

Winter And Antiques Art Fair

There is an estimation of around 5000 to 20,000 people visiting the Winter fair of 2018, while the exhibitor’s counts are expected to be around 100-500. The events venue was at the National Hall of Olympia, London. This event was one of the most stylish events taking place in London. There was a 30% off in the advance standard tickets with the code OLYMPIA.

There is an impressive set of speakers who have great talks about the programme. Some of the significant talks will be of Rabih Hage, Adam Bray, Joanna Wood, Edward Bulmer and Rachel Chudley. Another highlight of the Winter fair is that there are One-to-one interior designing and garden advice clients with the team of experts which were completely free and can be booked in advance.

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