Frieze Art Fair

What To Look Out For At Frieze Art Fair 2018

The Frieze Art Fair is one of the prominent art fair event happening every year in Lone. This event is an international contemporary art fair that takes place in the month of October every year at Regent’s Part. This art fair event features more than 170 contemporary art galleries. The Frieze Art fair event was held 4th to the 7th of October for the year 2018. It had a large display of contemporary arts. You can preview the artworks presented at the Art Fair of 2018.  You can read more on the list of popular 2018’s London Fair. You can also check the upcoming events for the Frieze Art Fair. Following are the Highlights of the event.

1. Idris Khan At Victoria Miro Gallery

The Frieze Art 2018 event saw the display of Idris Khan’s latest works “The Existence of Beauty, 2018”, “Falling into the depth of the ground, 2018” and the “Nothing to Believe, 2018”. All these works were the result of the creativity and the experience possessed by Idris Khan.

Idris Khan

2. Rana Begum At Kate MacGarry Gallery

This was one of the biggest highlights of the 2018 Frieze Art Fair. The British artist Rana Begum’s latest marvellous artworks were presented at the Kate MacGarry Gallery during 2018 Frieze art fair. All these works were so neat with brilliant colors, forms and perspectives. People enjoyed watching them as they strolled through the fair.

Rana Begum

3. Eddie Martinez At Timothy Taylor Gallery

The 2018 Frieze Art Fair saw a plenty of oil paints on the liens. They turned out to be a wonderful set of aggressive combination of the oil paints. The Brooklyn based artist works were appreciated for the wide range of traditional way of artworks along with the grime of the urban life.

Eddie Martinez

4. Adam Pendleton At Pace Gallery

This Pace Booth at the fair invited many people to look over. This booth hosted a special contemporary programme and honored many international artists for works. This booth had the art works of the famous artist is Adam Pendleton who is very renowned for the animated works which he terms as the “Black Dada”. His works had rigorous concepts inscribed, inventive paintings, videos and installations depicting the history as well as the contemporary culture.

Adam Pendleton

5. Tom Wesselmann At Almine Rech Gallery

The year 2018 saw a plenty of works from Tom Wesselmann presenting the works in a very colorful scheme. His blue nude drawing became one of the biggest highlights and an eye-catching feature of 2018’s Frieze art fair event. A lot of his meaningful artworks turned out to be an excellent experience for the event visitors.

Tom Wesselmann

Thus the 2018’s Frieze event turned out to be amazing and exciting since it had a collaboration with their sponsoring partner Deutsche Bank. With this collaboration, the event organizers provided their selected guests with a brilliant opportunity to witness the exhibition inside the Deutsche Bank’s Wealth Management Lounge. This presented the female artists who were from the bank’s collection a special celebration. This marked the 100 years since the British women were given the right to vote. Overall, the Frieze Art Fair 2018 saw overall 170 dealers displaying their extensive qualitative artworks. These were works from the ancient period till the late 20th century art. They were perfectly framed, and people were able to stroll smoothly and linger on a 20minute walk. You can also view the highlights of the famous Frieze Art Fair 2018 London.

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